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Birdie Gilreath principal chair alto at UGA MidFest.

Birdie Gilreath Marietta, GAMMS Band Director, Mr. Mattice nominated 8th grader Birdie Gilreath to go to MidFest in December 2017. MidFest is three-day event put on by the University of Georgia’s School of Music in Athens where Middle school musicians from across Georgia are nominated to attend by their band directors. The students audition on Thursday evening in Athens and are placed in one of the 8 bands based on their audition. They rehearse all day Friday and Saturday morning and have a performance on Saturday afternoon. Birdie was selected as first chair Alto Sax in the top group, the Honor Band conducted by the outstanding Dr. Jaclyn Hartenberger. This was Birdie’s first band performance outside of the Marietta Band program.

“I really enjoyed playing at MIDFest. The entire Honor Band had great musicians and Dr. Hartenberger is an incredible conductor. She rehearsed us by working on specific parts of the music that were difficult or in unusual time signatures instead of playing through the pieces start to finish. She just gets you so excited to play and she worked her magic and pulled together a great performance. It was very humbling to be around such great musicians and to be chosen first chair Alto for the group.”