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Marching Band Absence Form

Attendance at marching band events is mandatory for all members, regardless of section, unless otherwise noted. Planned absences and tardies must be communicated at least two days in advance for the absence/tardy to be excused (but preferably planned absences should be communicated as soon as the conflict arises). Any absences resulting from illness will be excused with a doctor or parent/guardian note upon the student’s return. All absences and planned tardies must be logged in this form, no exceptions.

Please note that prior approval of 5 days or more is required for an absence to be considered excused. The attendance policy is outlined in the Marietta Marching Band Handbook starting on page 4. As a reminder, THREE unexcused absences during the season/semester will result in removal from the ensemble. This includes band camp and Saturday rehearsals. Additionally, tardiness due to tutoring or club meetings is not permitted. Absences during a performance week will result in sitting out during the half-time show that week.