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The Band at MSGA

The Marietta Sixth Grade Academy is under the direction of Carrie Anderson and is the foundation on which the Marietta Band Program is built. Students at MSGA work to develop the basic skills necessary to grow as musicians. The 6th grade academy starts approximately 150-175 students annually and the directors at the middle and high school work to co-teach and develop the 6th grade band along with Ms. Anderson. Students work out of the Essential Elements book along with other resources and sheet music performing at least twice per year as a school and multiple other small ensemble performances. Students also look to leave 6th grade knowing the first 4 scales in the Circle of 4ths rotation. Students at MSGA learn that they are an irreplaceable part of a team and work hard daily to prepare for rehearsal. Rehearsal etiquette and preparation are highly valued and reinforced at MSGA as this sets the students on the correct track for the next 6 years of band. Our goal at MSGA is to begin the process of having students move through 7 years of band in Marietta, graduate from the program, and to develop lifelong learners and lovers of music.

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